International Food Night

Not sure whether to order “”, some “kaeng khiao wan kai” or a bowl of “ラーメン”?

Hong Kong is a culinary paradise with a huge variety of international cuisines, especially from the SE Asian region.  Sometimes visitors can find all the styles a little bewildering, and are not sure where to go or what to order.  To help with this the local ITRS participants are offering a variety of local dining experiences – leading groups to different restaurants and helping decipher menus, negotiate with waiters and generally try and make sure everyone gets to try something new…..

At the moment we plan to visit:

  • All you can eat Cantonese hotpot in Mong Kok – Shared pot of boiling broth for cooking your own food; Very popular in HK, especially during the winter; HK$200-300 per head

  • Tak Li Chew Chow Da Laan (walkable from HKU)- Classic Cantonese Chew Chow (brined meat); HK$200 per head

  • The Chilli Club – old favourite Thai restaurant in Wanchai.  Slightly spicy and vegetarian friendly.  Approx HK$500 per head including beers.

  • The Bayi (close to HKU).  Xinjiang style (northern Chinese) heavy on lamb with occasional camel – spicy (but not hot) probably not a great option for vegetarians. 

  • Café Hunan – walkable from HKU – very spicy food from the Hunan province – good local atmosphere

  • Kampoeng - authentic Indonesian (Balinese) in Caseway Bay -150 to 200 HKD per head with beer

  • Indian –  Tsim Sha Tsui – good for vegetarians

  • Twelve Flavors (walkable from HKU) – Not too spicy Sichuan with a good mix of vegetarian and non-veg options; $HK200 per head with beer

  • Hon Wo Korean Restaurant (Causeway Bay) – All you can eat Korean BBQ

  • Man Fat Seafood Restaurant (Sham Shui Po) – HK food stalls of local seafood; HK$150-200 per head

  • Ka Kee Restaurant (walkable from HKU) – Typical Cantonese cuisine; Some vegetarian options available; HK$100-200 per head


If you are interested in joining one of these trips you will be able to sign up from Sunday onwards on a first come first served basis (as places are obviously limited).  The deal is once you are confirmed for a group – your group leader will arrange how to get to the restaurant and then translate/coordinate ordering etc with the group.  THE COSTS FOR THE DINNER WILL SIMPLY BE DIVIDED BY THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE.  Cash would be easiest for payment (most places accept cards but some of the local markets etc may not) and there is a chance that many places will not offer receipts…. Finally, the group leader will point you in the direction of your accommodation…

Of course, if you want to explore by yourself there are tips on the conference website and the numerous food apps available in HK – or simply ask for a recommendation from a local organizing committee member…. and remember after dinner drop into Little Creatures in Kennedy Town ( with your name badge to get discounted drinks and catch up with other ITRSers.

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